What is culture? The culture that is around me, the culture that I live in, the culture that other people live in. I don't even think I really understand my own culture. A lot could be accomplished if we understand our own culture, and also seek to understand other peoples' culture...with an open mind.

I think we live in our own culture without realizing what defines it. We don't even realize that what we do is different from other people, and that other people do not live in the same way. I have lived in a "Christian culture" for much of my life. We have our own language, customs and traditions that many people outside that culture may not understand or may even think is wrong, or just plain weird, but I am just used to it, I live in it without realizing that it may be different from other people's culture, if people from outside church come to my church I am shocked (not really any more) to hear that they don't understand words like "testimony" or "born-again" or "salvation" in the same way that I do. Or that they don't know what the offering plate is for.

I think that if I can better understand my own culture and then in turn someone else's culture, I can communicate more effectively with them, therefore they will better understand where I am coming from. The question is, how do I learn someone else's culture if it is something they just live in without realizing it?