Jesus is the...Question?


I was in Cambodia and I saw a bumper sticker that said "Jesus is the Answer." It really bothered me and I couldn't really figure out why. I guess it was probably because that saying always has always bothered me and the fact that someone all the way in Cambodia thought that this would be a great bumper sticker (in english nonetheless) kind of bothered me. The saying bothers me because it seems so flippant, like any question can be answered by Jesus.
Question: "What should we have for breakfast?"
Answer: "Jesus."
Question: "What should I believe?"
Answer: "Jesus."
Question: "Who should I hire to be the manager?"
Answer: "Jesus."
There are a lot of things that I believe Jesus can and should be the answer for, but I actually think the better saying would be... "Jesus is the Question." Because there are a lot more questions that come from Jesus, than answers. Did he really exist? What does it mean to me if he did? What did all he say really mean? Jesus also was the ultimate questioner, when people asked him a question, he usually replied with one, when he preached he would just tell a story, then let people try to figure out what he meant. Don't you think people left with a lot of questions? I think saying "Jesus is the answer" simplifies things WAY too much and Christians ought to give people a little more credit then giving them a flippant saying like that. When Christians say things like "...ooohhh well you are having problems? maybe it is because you haven't found the answer...Jesus," I believe it causes more harm than good.
So my final thought is:
"Jesus is the Question" for the world today, what is the answer? Actually that doesn't make much sense me I don't know what I am talking about.