Pink Camouflage?

We were getting ready to go somewhere, and my daughter, Hannah - who is 4, is standing in front of the shoe rack trying to decide what footwear to put on. She always puts a lot of thought into what she is going to wear...she wants to always make sure that what she wears fits the 4 year old equivalent of "matching" (notice the ice cream matching the clothes). All of the sudden she declares with great satisfaction and glee, "I know, I will wear my pink camouflage flip flops!" I know that I am her dad and that I should know what sort of footwear she owns, but pink camouflage flip flops!? Seriously, I can't believe they even make that. When she wears pink camouflage where will she actually be camouflaged, at a Hillary Duff concert?


philter said...

i understand about the clothing thing bro. It is our thorn in the side with Emma. Miss you.

Outgoing... said...

and flip flops at that - -

Pamela said...

lol! Isn't it fun having girls!