Christians hardly talk about it, and secular discussion is rarely more then jokes, but yet there is a book of the bible that is almost completely dedicated to it...and it does NOT say, "don't do it!" The book of the bible is called Song of Songs, or Song of Solomon. It is about King Solomon and his "beloved." You see Solomon had a number of wives (700 actually) and concubines (300), but apparently he had one favourite, and he wrote this song probably to tell a story about that relationship. It could be a parable (a story that didn't actually happen) and therefore a metaphor for something, it may be a true story...either way it is a little (I use "little" in a way that actually means "a lot") racey. There are a number of descriptions of both the man's and the woman's body, and there are quite a few metaphors for sexual acts. It is probably the early Jewish version of Gangster Rap (is that Gangsta?).

I believe that Christians should be more open about the topic of sex, I think it is probably one of the biggest ways that people mess their life up, and yet we avoid the topic. Probably saying a little more then, "don't do it until married" would be appropriate. I believe sex is an amazing thing that God gave us, we should enjoy the right contexts.

I thought it would be fun to hear your interpretation of a few passages in the bible...check out Song of Songs 1:13, "My lover is to me a sachet of myrrh resting between my breasts" and 1:16 "How handsome you are, my lover! Oh, how charming! And our bed is verdant." Check out to see the whole chapter. What do you think those verses mean? Do you think these two were married? Is 700 wives appropriate? What is the right context to enjoy sex? Maybe we will play this game on a couple other passages if people are interested.


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This article has some interesting interpretations.

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Thanks for the link...really interesting reading!