There were a bunch of tornadoes in Manitoba (I think 7) over the weekend. We heard Sunday morning that 2 of Nicky's brother's homes were hit by one of them (they have a farm close to Boissevain). We decided to go out there and try to help with the cleanup over the last few days. It is crazy what we saw...there are trees everywhere, there are buildings that have been crushed, and grain bins that have been thrown sometimes as far as a mile. We were so thankful that, in spite of all this damage, nobody was seriously injured. Where Nicky's family lives, there was only minor damage done to homes. But it is very scary what a tornado does, it really makes me take seriously those tornado watches I hear from time to time. Here is some video of the system that came through their yards, make sure to check the menu, on the YouTube link, it has a bunch of different videos as well.

Tornado's are crazy, one man we talked to had his machine shed blow over and spread out over a field...but inside the shed there was an empty cardboard box that did not move. One of the craziest things we saw is that a large wooden grain bin got picked up and put down about 150-200 feet away in the middle of a appeared undamaged! Check out the picture below, you can see the former foundation in the foreground and the bin in the background (in it's new location):

There were little to no drag marks on the soil, so this thing was lifted up and put down! Unbelievable! I don't know if God has some sort of heavenly TiVo but if he does, that would be some footage I would like to see someday.

There was a lot of damage that went on over the weekend, I really hope and pray that people really support one another as they recover from these disasters.