I have often wondered why I get mad when someone can't hear me. For instance, if I yell downstairs to Nicky something like, "I AM JUST GOING OUT TO GET SOME GROCERIES, DO YOU NEED ANYTHING?" and she yells back, "...WHAT!" I will repeat myself only a little louder, if she doesn't hear this time, I start to get mad...at her! If I have to yell it a third time, I am now yelling out of anger. When I think about it logically, it makes absolutely no sense. If she can't hear me, why would I be mad at her?

Does anyone else experience this?


Outgoing... said...

but here is the deal
they can hear you - i mean if I go down stairs and then ask my wife what she thinks she heard she can usually tell me what i said
- its a woman thing

roverT said...

and they say they are so good at multi-tasking.