Why have you forsaken my friends?

In the Bible Jesus says, "My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?" I think Jesus probably shouted this at God. Well these days I feel like shouting at God as well. I feel like shouting at God, "WHY HAVE YOUR FORSAKEN MY FRIENDS!" I know people in Cambodia, who can not afford to keep their daughter in the hospital for $2 a day, I have friends whose Mom died right at the time when they were supposed to have their baby (they had the baby less then 12 hours after the funeral), talk about sucking the joy out of a joyful occasion. There are so many situations that I have seen lately that make me question God's wisdom. Is it OK for me to do that?

Why do I have it so good? Is it because I was born in a country with economic stability? Is it because my family cares about me, and is healthy? I haven't earned these things. I don't feel right about having it good...it's not fair!