Blame the Church!

This last week we were together with my family to celebrate my parents 40th Anniversary! It is amazing to see my parents marriage. We had a great time celebrating it and just being together. We don't get together often enough.

I was talking to my brother (another Pastor) about people who complain about church and all that goes on there. He said that it really frustrates him when Christians say things like, "I hate it that Christians are..." or "I hate it that the church is like this..." I was convicted by this. If you read some of my posts you will realize that I am one of those people. I like to complain about the Church and about Christians. However, I am a Christian, and I am a part of a fact a Pastor at one! I realized that I need to stop blaming and start taking responsibility, just like I said in my last post, "I am the Problem." Call me on it.