We just got back from a week of holidays...a really great time. We went camping in Spruce Woods and then dropped our kids off at their grandparents for a couple days while Nicky and I got to visit the mall and hotel in Minot, ND. One of my favourite moments happened on our very first night. Carberry ( a small town near Spruce Woods) was celebrating it's 125th anniversary. They had a fireworks display and we decided to take them in. It was a normal fireworks show...actually quite good for a small town. Our kids loved them so much, but my favourite was the drive home. Ben kept telling us which were his favourite fireworks.
"My favourite was the one that looked like...[pause as he considers how to describe it]...a water fountain...exploding!"
"Actually my most favourite one was the one that looked like a squiggly spaceship from Mars, that one was really cool!"
"Wait, the best one was the green one, you know, the one that filled my whole window (we were watching from in our van)."

We had no idea which ones he was talking about, but I wish I could describe things like that!


L.A.Z. said...

I bet ya Austin had better Fireworks!! haha,no seriously, they are great for a small town too. But that pic looks sweet if thats what they were.

Pamela said...

I love the way kids think! Glad you had a great vacation!