Had supper with our friends the other night, they are people that we have met because Ben is friends with their son at school. They are from Sri Lanka, later from Norway and moved to Canada a few years ago. They actually have family in Sri Lanka that was hit by the tsunami and many people they know were devastated by it.

As we were about to leave I had a real good discussion about faith with the father (good discussions usually happen when you are about to leave). We talked about religion in general and how God created us for peace and to care for one another, and almost all religious teaching is about peace and love...yet religion is often the cause of war. He is a very smart man and seems to have read up on everything. I really felt a good connection with him and a kinship in the way that he understands religion. They are a devout religious family who happen to worship at an Islamic temple. It's interesting though, I really feel as though we laid the groundwork to understand each other better and, I can't wait to discuss with him more about our faiths. I think we could really learn from each other.