Steroids - Should We Care?

Because I follow a lot of sports, I hear a lot about steroids. I am always annoyed when Sports Illustrated fills it's magazine with personal info and dirt on the people involved in sports. I JUST WANT TO READ ABOUT SPORTS! Maybe I am insensitive but I really don't care who Derek Jeter is going out with or whether Cecil Fielder talks to his son.

Steroids is sort of like that but different...Sports Illustrated had an article entitled "Should We Care" about the whole steroids issue, I didn't read the article but I have often asked myself that question. Should we care if baseball players take drugs that eventually make them look like bobblehead dolls? Should we care if track athletes can no longer perform reproductive activities? Should we care if football players muscles are so big that they break their own bones? If these people want to do this to themselves then let them!

But then there's the Chris Benoit story...a pro wrestler who just murdered his family and commit suicide. It was just found out that testosterone levels in his body were 10 times that of the normal person. Is it possible that the steroids made him do it? Well he needs to take more responsibility then that, but it has been proven that steroids can change your moods and make you more aggressive. When this sort of stuff happens it makes me realize that steroids are not just something that harms the individual...then again most sins don't affect just the individual, right?