Just got back inside from cleaning up some vandalism to our Church bus. This is not an unusual thing, in fact, when I think about it I can list a few of the vandalism acts that stick out in my mind over the last 3 years:
  • people spinning out their vehicles on the Church lawn (probably about 5 times - and usually when the grass is wet and soft, leaving great ruts)
  • 100's of people spinning out in the parking lot (especially the pastors) but one in particular that apparently lost control and crashed into the bus.
  • Paintballing of the bus
  • throwing rocks at the parking lot lights
  • graffitti on the bus - my personal favorite because they crossed out "evangelical" and wrote "penis" so the decal then read "Winnipeg Penis Free Church."
  • Smashed beer bottles in the parking lot - quite often
  • Apparently last thurs. some kids were on the church yard on their knees while the police handcuffed them for "causing a nuisance" ...still not sure what that was.

This time someone had thrown eggs at the bus and broke into the bus and had a couple beers inside (apparently without a bottle opener, since the tops were broken off). I had to clean off the egg from the windshield and the back window - which takes some effort. For some reason this one ticked me off more then others. As I was cleaning I thought, "I know a lot of the young people in this area, what if it was someone I know, and they were mad about something we do here." This bothered me...I guess it might be because I started to think that people might not like programs I run here, scary how the mind works.


philter said...

Winnipeg Penis Free Church." haha, that is funny.

roverT said...

Phil...did you do the grafitti?

roverT said...

Phil, you blogged about testicles, I blogged about our church...can you see the connection?