Difficult Things to do With One Arm

(especially your off arm)
  1. Tie shoes
  2. Put on socks
  3. Get your keys out of your right hand pocket
  4. Light matches
  5. Type
  6. Put peanut butter on toast
  7. Chop vegetables
  8. Wash dishes
  9. Carry anything large, like a laundry basket
  10. Open pill bottles
  11. Preach (a small music stand, a large Bible and a fan blowing papers around all become huge factors)
  12. Dress a two year old
  13. Change a two year old's crappy diaper
I was able to accomplish all of the above at least once.
  1. Cut meat (my friend Colin did this for me once at a restaurant - we got some interesting looks)
  2. Grind pepper
  3. Hold a new born baby
  4. Shake hands properly
I was unable to accomplish any of the above.


Anonymous said...

you can truly identify with your grandfather who lost his hand permanently when he was just a few years older than you. MOM

brian said...

I exploded my wrist in a motorcycle accident. i have found it hard also to

open a new box of cereal.
open a jar.
eat steak (has to be cut by somebody else).
I also always have a habit of putting my cell phone in the other pocket. plenty of missed calls there.

i feel your pain typing is annoying as well but doable

Anonymous said...

Hi, i am 14 years old and i have one arm. I was just born that way no big deal. I have just found that being in public a ton of shallow people stare at you so i just put my self in my own world. Sometimes it does suck like wearing different kinds of tops or dating but for the most part it is alright. I do ask my self why me almost everyday. I have been doing what most of you said is hard ever sense day one so to me it isnt to bad i can do everything, even a cart wheel and tieing my shoes. Things just take me a little while longer or i do it a little differently. At times i wish that we did'nt live in such a shallow world and people weren't so cruel. I guess their just the example of what not to be.

Anonymous said...

At 18 I had a paralysed right arm as a result of a motorcycle accident. It was believed it would be for life, but after a couple of years I recovered. I taught myself to write left handed, tie shoes and ties with one hand