Earlier this week I had some good discussions with some friends about what people put on the internet, and how it seems that people are willing to put some really private and personal information out there for people to read. It is kind of an odd thing, this internet world, we put our diaries online and call them blogs, we put our personal conversations for all to see on our wall's on facebook. I've read about people talking about how they got away with slacking off at work, and you can see many pictures of people that do not portray them in a positive light.
Today, I read a story about Facebook that I thought brings this all to a new level. We can get this false sense of security and suppose that our information is safe, but according to this story, after a glitch in Facebook's programming "some users said that after logging on to their Facebook accounts they could access other people's accounts as well as their mail. As well, some people said they were getting messages intended for other users." A little sketchy, but, considering what some people put out there for all to see, maybe it doesn't matter to any more.