Minneapolis - Cambodia

This week I was struck by two news stories, one that received a lot of attention, another that will/has received very little. There's the incredible (awful!) story of the bridge that fell in Minneapolis where 5 have been confirmed dead and 8 are still missing. Then there is the story of the trials in Cambodia where they are trying the men who are responsible for the death nearly 2 million people in the late 70's. I don't mean to devalue the tragedy that went on in Minneapolis, but I would assume that many times the news coverage, and many times the financial resources will go to helping the victims and to help with the rebuilding, then has gone to the situation in Cambodia (or to other situations in Africa or Southeast Asia). I know that the USA is the power in the world today and they will, of course, look after their own first, I just wish that there was a little more equality. What can we do to make things a little more equal?