Bathing for Jesus

This post is not some weird theology on is just that lately I have begun to understand the allure of bathing over showering. During the time when I had my hand bandaged, I was not supposed to get it wet and so baths were the easiest thing to do, the practice has continued over the last while though. I really enjoy a number of things about bathing. I love that I can take as long as I want and I won't use any more water...I love that I can read while I get clean...I love that it is a private time where I am alone and can be immersed in my thoughts (so to speak). I have been using the time in the bath tub to read the Bible or some sort of spiritually encouraging book and just talk to God about the day, some of my friends and how I can become more like Jesus. It has become the best part of my bring on the bath salts, the bubble bath and the candles...I am bathing for Jesus!