Being a "Safe" Christian

I was listening to CHVN (the Christian radio station in Winnipeg) for a little while the other day and I got really angry. I have always been bothered by their slogan which says, "CHVN, safe and fun for the whole family." That morning the DeeJay was introducing a song and said something like, "now here is Michael W. Smith with Friends on CHVN...SAFE!" and the music kicked in (I don't actually remember the name of the song) He emphasized the word safe as if it was some profound word that stated what the station was all about. I worry about that, since I believe that Christianity is a lot of things, the least of which is safe. We try to make it safe, but...I don't think Jesus intended for following him to be a safe practice...He died for it after all...that doesn't sound safe...Jesus asked us to take up our cross (an ancient capitol punishment tool) and follow him...that doesn't sound safe. I try to make Christianity safe, by shielding myself from the real world, but it was never intended to be that way. Shame on me.

I have been reading Shane Claiborne's book called "the Irresistible Revolution" and he talks about how giving our life to Christ actually ruins it, because the demands on our life and the way we live it become extremely difficult. He asks us to love people as he loved us...does that mean we die for them...even when they don't like us and maybe even hate us? Sounds like what Jesus did.


philter said...

safe and fun for the whole family

I heard that too when I was home and cringed. Yep, what the heck? Anyway, great book bro. He has some good talks on public radio too. Look up american public radio and search for him. Miss ya

Outgoing... said...

"he's not safe but he's good."

roverT said...

Ah, the CS Lewis quote always get's in this discussion. thanks guys