I Hate Socks


I have always had a disdain for wearing socks...however, I do live in Winnipeg and there is the occassional need for them - sandals are uncomfortable in -30 degrees celsius. I go with sandals as long as possible. My son Ben though, he has a whole different level of hatred for socks. He is just starting grade 1 and is slowly adjusting to being at school all day. He is a very social kid though and really seems to like school. He had been going a week and a half and we decided that we would go to Boissevain for Nicky's Dad's 70th birthday, this meant that Ben would miss school on Monday. As we were driving back we asked him if he was sad that he missed school that day...his face lit up and he said, "Nooo, I didn't have to wear socks all day! My feet weren't hot." Of all the reasons not to like school the only one that sticks out to him is the fact that he has to wear socks and his feet are hot. He is suffering...I know how he feels.


Outgoing... said...

socks are seriously the most pointless items of clothing