Google Me

I have this thing called Site Meter at the bottom of my blog. It keeps track of how many people have visited my blog (because I am a numbers person) also keeps track of how people got to my site. So I can track where people are getting referred from. Usually it doesn't know where you come from, but sometimes it shows me that people got there from someone else's blog who has a link to mine, or that they got there from my facebook page, or whatever. But every once in a while it will show that people got here from a google search or some other search engine. I have pulled out a few of my favourites just to show you (by the way you can see all the same things as I can by just clicking on the SiteMeter icon at the bottom of this page).

People are most often referred to my blog by google when they search information on Ice Bergs, but they have also been referred to my blog when they punched the following things into google (these are direct quotes):
  • unexplained swelling of both hands
  • orange puss coming from hands
  • songs played on chvn radio station on september 28
  • schmaunt kuchen
  • hate socks
  • mustache growing contest
  • why does ice get on the inside of my windshield?
  • ice bathing
  • how many kill romance
  • "ron luce"
  • Things to do when you have one arm

I hope I have been of great help and service to these people!