This is the group of people I work with...I need some help! I come to the office everyday and these are the people I encounter. They are not normal, they are crazy! I do not fit in at all.

Actually I really enjoy working with these people they have been inspiring to me and a lot of fun to be around. I hope that others of you get to work with people like this. It is great to go to the church everyday. Below are just the Pastor's...I obviously carry a deep respect for them!


Kris, Mike & Cohen said...

That looks like Matthew's old bass...!

Anyway, I get to go to work every day and see my wife and son. Beat that! ;)

roverT said...

Yep, it is Matthew's old bass.

Can your wife and son play in a band like ours? I rest my case...I think...

philter said...

dude, you rule. Is Dwight doing his hair differently?

Nice pictures.