I took my mustache on the road!

Before the mustache contest came to a close my lovely wife and I decided we should take my mustache on the road and let it see the world before it met a decidedly sharp and painful end.
So we hopped in a rental car and took it to St. Louis

A picture of the 3 of us...Nicky, me and my mustacheMy mustache saw the sights

And even met celebrities (that's Jar's of Clay mere metres away from my mustache!)
That's David Crowder's back! (You probably don't even know who he is)

Here is a picture of David Crowder on the big screen...we (my mustache and I) never got to see him for real from the front.
Much of the trip was filled with frivolity, but...
Some of it stunk.Sometimes people even made fun of me, and laughed and called me names

But overall it was well worth it

When it came down to judging the contest I wound up finishing second in the contest to the fellow sitting next to me, but I believe shaving your head bald (did you have to shave? or is it natural?) and growing handlebars is sort of like cheating! Doesn't really matter though, because my mustache and I, we enjoyed ourselves.


Cal said...

I like your blog Trevor. I am going to add it to my favorites at http: pastorcal.blogspot.com. I hope others will read it too.


philter said...

mustache man, I love you. I have been growing mine for about 2 weeks now. I have just begun to take myself seriously with it. I will send you pics when it get's good and full.

I went to David Lee Roth and Van Halen tonight.

Bri said...

Trey, that's awesome! I love the stache. Too bad it's gone now..

You should grow a winter beard. I think that would be swell!

PS. I know who David Crowder is! Puhleease!

roverT said...

Thanks Cal, I appreciate the advertising.

Phil, can't wait to see the stache. I would guess you would fit in at the David Lee Roth and Van Halen concert with a mustache. Did you get in for free?

I do like to grow a winter beard...I think I will yet, but I will wait a while, to get in the good books with Nicky.