A Message for Pastor Mike

The Snow Does Not Go Away!

Pastor Mike (a guy I work with) moved from the the lower mainland of BC this spring. He now lives in Winnipeg, after having never been farther east then Kenora in his life. He is uneducated about our weather, which at this time of year could be described as "crisp." It seems like every day he comes in to the office with what is for him a new revelation, and what is for us the reality of living in cold weather every winter for all of our lives. Here are his revelations:
  • excitedly, "I had frost on the INSIDE of my windshield this morning, wow!"
  • "It's so great, my car spun out in the parking lot!"
  • After I made a comment that we won't see the ground for a while..."this snow will melt won't it? Are you telling me this snow won't melt? Don't you guys get any chinooks or warm weather or anything?"

Mike...the snow will be here at least until march, get used to it!