God or Science??

I was pointed to an interesting discussion by one of the youth in my Church (thanks Dustin)between a bunch of young people discussing whether God or Science is the answer. The discussion can be found here (if you have a Facebook account), but I will warn you there are 96 posts at the time I am publishing this. There are so many interesting comments, but I wanted to share with you a little of what happened.

This was the discussion starter:
i wondered...is science wrong???or is god wrong???i believe in god, but what i'm wondering, is that how come that science is more believable than god? whats the difference? (have pity i'm 14 years old) science was created by mankind... so how come mankind isn't wrong?we've been wrong before... tons of times hell we may even be wrong about everything...haha just realized science made computers...but still... we think the big bang made everything, and it did...it also made godBTW!!! god didn't make mankind... if you've been to church you'd realize that.one last thing before people start telling me i'm wrong with huge explantations and what not. the bible was written, science was also written, or learned, or w/eguess who wrote/taught both?mankind

From that a huge argument broke out about evolution vs. creation. Some of these people have done a LOT of homework on this subject and argue very well...both ways...by the end I was frustrated so here is what I wrote:

I think the issue here is not to prove who is right and who is wrong. When it comes to the beginning of the world (something that happened at least thousands of years ago), it is not possible to have hard evidence. I would agree with Cameron, that there are some significant things left unproven in the theory of evolution leaving some serious holes...that is why it is called a theory, it is based on some facts that have been tested in some ways, but it still takes faith to put your trust in that theory because some things don't seem to add up. I would agree with Arash in that it is also obvious that there are some things that are unproven in the creation story...it takes faith to put your trust in a God creating the earth. I don't think either is provable, so to a certain degree this argument is pointless, except to show that neither can be proven.I would suggest that Christians should concentrate more on the evidence that God is real in their own lives. If God is real in my life, according to the Bible, he should make a difference in the way I live my life and in how much I care for
people...I think there is plenty of evidence for that...the sad reality is that there is plenty of evidence to the contrary as well. I would suggest that Christians (of which I am one) should concentrate more on the evidence that can actually be seen...in the way I love and care for God's greatest creation, his people.

What do you think?


Candice said...

Fantastically put Trevor!
Thank you for sharing that with us non-Facebookers.