I am Getting Old!

Not only will it be my 34th birthday making me feel old, but I also had the experience of feeling old this weekend at YouthQuake at Briercrest. They always bring in some great bands, and the bands they brought in this time were some of our groups favourites. Family Force 5 and Disciple. They were so pumped! I have listened to their music a little, but when it came time for the concert and the music started pumping out of the mass of speakers so loud that my pants shook because of the subwoofers, my head immediately began to ache and I kind of laughed to myself. The antics on stage were sort of comical to me. I got in there in the mosh pit and had a good time, but the thing that made me realize that I was getting old was that I really don't like the music that youth like anymore (sorry to any of my YQ friends that are reading this)! That doesn't really bother me though, I really appreciated that they were having a good time, so I did too. Here is a video of some of it (mostly I like the part near the end where I took the camera into the mosh pit) notice the awesome silver gloves on the lead singer: