Guitar Lessons

I started taking guitar lessons a few weeks ago. I have been playing guitar for like 7 years, but after learning the basics 7 years ago I have never taken the time to practice, so I decided now was the time to learn some new stuff (plus Nicky gave me the time as a Christmas present...woohoo!).

So, I walk in to my first lesson in this tiny little studio and there is a young guy (maybe about 19-20) with long greasy hair, he is sitting there with his black electric guitar (with whiteout all over it and a few band stickers). He just kind of says hi and then plays a quick little solo (about 5 notes) on his guitar. His guitar is not plugged in so you can barely hear it. He says, "so today we basically (6 note solo) need to find out (8 note solo) where you are at (25 note solo)." So I start to tell him a little bit about where I am at, I show him a little on my guitar. He sits and listens, seeming antsy, when I am done, he plays a little solo on his guitar, and says, "OK, sooo (8 note solo - looks at the clock 20 mins left in the 30 minute lesson) what should we do now (strum, strum). Do you have any questions (5 note solo) for me?" I can't think of anything for a while, and there is this awkward silence, only broken by the odd 6-7 note solo from his unplugged electric guitar. I ask him, "so how did you get in to teaching guitar?" "Well (7 note solo), last summer my parents told me that I needed to either get a job or move out (strum strum), so I looked in the paper and saw this job (6 note solo), I like playing guitar so I applied and got it." "Oh," I say...this was comforting, because I really didn't want to be taught by someone who actually wanted to be there. The rest of the lesson went painfully long and slow and we never really did anything.

A week later, when it came time to go, I decided to give him another chance (actually, Nicky encouraged me to stick with him for at least one more lesson). This time he did have a bit of a plan and then the next week, he started teaching me what he called an old song from the 80s. You can't beat 80s music, especially for guitar. So, now I am rocking, "I Just Died in Your Arms Tonight" by the Cutting Crew, thanks to my new favourite guitar teacher. I am starting to see a real future with this guy, he's a great teacher...8 note solo (by me).


Mark said...

Wow! Glad to see you gave the guy another chance, your wife is a wise woman. Enjoy your lessons.