U2 3D


What a great way to do a concert! I really enjoyed going to see U2 at the IMAX. I have never really enjoyed a concert as much as I did doing it this way. You totally felt like you were there, the sound quality was amazing the 3d made you feel like you could touch Bono and the crowd was lovin' it. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that basically all the concerts I go to I am going with a group of people that are at least 17 years younger then me, and apparently music has changed a little over the last 17 years. U2 would probably rank as my favourite (if I really had to choose) and I liked that they were trying to say something in the concert. One of the major themes was "Coexist." The "C" being the Islamic symbol of a moon, the "X" being Judaisms star of David and the "T" being the Christian symbol of a cross. Bono at one point sang the following lines:
Some graphitti was written up on a wall not too far from here
It says coexist
Jesus, Jew, Mohammed, it's true
Jesus, Jew, Mohammed, it's true
All sons of Abraham
Father Abraham, Father Abraham
Where are you now
Father Abraham, look what you've done
You've pitted your son against your son
Father, Father Abraham
No more, no more, no more
No more, no more, no more
No more, no more, no more
No more, no more

I have had a few discussions about this whole idea, a few people I talk to think that Bono is getting a little carried away and that his "Christian Theology" is wrong. That if he is a real Christian he wouldn't say that they are all equally right. My response is this...first of all, I am not sure that this is what Bono is saying, secondly, he is not trying to make a theological statement, he is trying to say that we should all get along and live together in peace. He is speaking to all of us who can learn better ways of solving our disagreements, or coexisting in spite of our disagreements. I totally agree with this.

The funny thing is that the people who created the "CoeXisT" symbol are now suing U2 for using it in their concert without permission. How ironic, a symbol meant to encourage harmony and peace is the centre of a litigation case.


philter said...

some day I would like to see this show, or any U2 show with you and a few others of select choosing, including Colin. Call me this week if ya have time