I am of the Wrong Shape!


Today I started something that I have been talking about for years. It all began when I was a youngster. I remember looking at my uncle and noticing a funny shaped round belly on an otherwise very skinny frame. To me it reminded me of a skinny pregnant woman. I remember realizing that I have a similar build and I remember hoping that I would never wind up with that crazy shape. I am 34 now, and though I would probably still be considered tall and skinny, I am starting to lose the skinny part of that distinction. People used to often say things like, "how do you eat so much, and stay so thin?" Now they say, "how do you eat so much?" I have noticed that I am starting to get the round belly that my uncle had, and horror of horrors I am starting to grow two things on my chest that only belong on women. Yes, man-boobs!
The breaking point came this weekend, when I was at a Vikings game in Minneapolis (they won, woohoo), I realized that when I was climbing the stairs at the metrodome (and we didn't have many to climb) my legs became wobbly, I was sweating profusely and my heart rate was way too high. As we were driving home, we were talking about how having kids and a busy life can really take away from having an active lifestyle - I don't really have time to play basketball anymore, or floor hockey, or anything half regular at all - or at least that is my excuse. I might run around with my kids on occasion, but they are 7, 5 and 3, and I can easily beat them at whatever we are doing without really breaking a sweat, so I don't try hard enough to break a sweat.
So today, I started my workout, here at church, where I work. I talked to Nicky and she was OK with me not coming home for lunch and spending that time working out in our gym (thankfully our church sanctuary converts into a gym every week). I love to play basketball so I designed myself a basketball workout...here is what I did:
  • Warm up - Stretching - shooting hoops - running for the rebound and putting in a layup
  • Cardio - How many layups can I do in 5 minutes? (26 apparently) I run full court to do each lay up and must put it in.
  • Strength and conditioning - Push ups - how many can I do in 1 minute? (20 apparently - ugh) - Jumping - I touch the basketball to the rim 10 times on each side
  • Cool Down - 20 post up moves, plus shooting hoops as before, then stretching.
  • Shower

I realize that this is probably pathetic compared to what a lot of you do but it's a start for me. A couple things I learned through this process. 1. Push ups are ridiculously hard, especially when you have put on about 35 pound since the last time you have done them. 2. I can't dunk the basketball anymore. 3. It is really hard to get the ball in the basket when you are super tired. 4. Bring a towel when you need to shower - the paper towel works but that is really wasteful! 5. You still sweat even after you have showered - allowing me to make all kinds of friends in the office.