The Youngest


We have three children...Ben (7), Hannah (5) and Owen (3). The first two I would definitely describe as skinny, but the words I choose to describe Owen would not include that same word. It could have something to do with the way he wakes up. Owen will walk into our room, anywhere between 6:30 and 7:30 saying, "I need beckist (that's Owen for: Breakfast). I think the first thought when he wakes up is, "I NEED FOOD!" If we try to tell him that he will have to wait for "beckist" he proceeds to completely lose it (explanation: he is the youngest...and we do think he is cute, he might get his way when he shouldn't...on occasion). He has been known to cry, "I NEED BECKIST, I NEED BECKIST, I NEED BECKIST...(and so on)" This whole thing has lead to some really interesting problems with hand-me-downs, you see Ben grows out of his clothes when they are too short for him (thank goodness for adjustable waists because his are still at the skinniest settings at this point), well if we take those pants directly from Ben and put them on Owen they MIGHT fit him in the waist but they will be about six inches too long for him.

If we are able to eventually convince Owen that he doesn't need to have "beckist" immediately after awakening we will be introduced to another idiosyncrasy of our Owen because the next question will be, "can I get dressed?" This would seem to be a reasonable question, but at 6:30 on a Saturday morning when you are talking to a 3 year old who most often needs help getting dressed, and who loves his clothes so much (at least certain ones) it can be slightly annoying. If the clothes that he wants to wear (right now it's a pirate shirt - that actually is quite cool!) happen to be dirty (because he wore them the last 3 days straight while adorning it with peanut butter, honey, ice cream, spaghetti sauce and other unidentifiable, unwashable stains), he will not be one bit happy. I love my Owen, but I can't help but think, "Some day, I will get to sleep in...aaaaaahhhhhh...."


Outgoing... said...

some day indeed