Pink - it's my New Obsession


I am opposed to pink, well not really opposed, but opposed to what it stands for, when it stands for something I am against. If that makes any sense at all. When it comes to my daughter Hannah, I have always resisted when she wants to wear pink, have pink dolls, have pink shoes (or pink camouflage shoes for that matter). Now she has asked us if she can paint her room pink (the second she in this sentence refers to Nicky and I, since our 5 year old will not paint her own room). The funny thing is I have embraced pink in my life, I have a shirt that some people call pink (actually, it is more of a salmon colour), back in the 80's I remember having a flourescent pink t-shirt, flourescent pink shades and many other pink accessories. I also own a beautiful flourescent pink toque that I love to wear on youth nights (or when I was driving the tractor at camp)

I guess my issue is not with the colour pink, it is with the stereotype. I don't want my little girl being taken with pink because it is such a stereotypical girl colour, and I want her to be free to be herself, not what she thinks the world wants her to be like. I want to make a statement myself about stereotypes of men, so I wear pink things. I guess my obsession with pink goes past an old Aerosmith song right to the heart of really important things...OK maybe it's just a stupid obsession...sure Hannah, "you" can paint your room pink (ugh).


Tiffany said...

That bedroom is very pink!
I don't know where they learn it. Okay, I do know, from the day a little girl is born pink is sort of dumped all over her, and they learn that it's the colour for them. luckily, my daughter is only 3 and hasn't gone so far as to ask for pink walls. Especially since her brother shares her room with her!

roverT said...

The crazy thing is when Nicky came home with the colour I thought it was a nice subtle pink (so did she). When we put it on the wall it took on a nuclear quality (it radiates).

I agree, girls (and boys) get socialized pretty quick.

phi said...

Salmon Color? I would prefer pink. Love ya man.

Anonymous said...

But why are you so obsessed with being so politically correct?

roverT said...

I wouldn't say I am obsessed with being politically correct (you can if you want). I would say that I am obsessed with wanting people to be who they really are, not what society wants them to be.