Are Confession and Repentance Important?


I am reading Jesus Wants to Save Christians by Rob Bell and Don Golden. I am only 4 chapters in but needed to throw this out there to help me process the things that he is saying. I love the way that Rob tells stories and this book is a great example of that. The authors have told basically the whole story of the Bible in these 4 chapters, weaving together the story of God and his relationship to people. How the story of the Bible is basically a story of oppression and freedom from oppression. When people call out to God they are freed from oppression, which is the ultimate meaning of Jesus life and death. Freeing us from the oppression of the law, and pointing us to grace. It is a beautiful concept and, so far, basically told as a great story.
My issue is this. There is never any mention of confession or repentance. There are plenty of mentions of things like, moving from oppression to freedom, moving from light to darkness, and becoming new creations. However, it is never mentioned that in order to make that move, there is a need for repentance or confession. It is more of a choice to follow in "the way" as opposed to the normal conservative christian idea of a prayer of repentance. I have to admit it has made me a little uneasy, what do you think. In order to be a christ-follower, are confession and repentance necessary? Is Rob Bell leading people astray by leaving this out of his book (and pretty much anything else I have seen or heard from him)?


phil said...

i am only on chapter 3. I just realized that it is called Jesus wants to save Christians, I, until now thought it was Jesus wants to save Christmas

roverT said...

That is what I love about you Phil! Your authenticity, most people wouldn't admit that. Although I think Christmas could use a little saving.