Wally's World

There was a boy named Wally, Wally was bigger than most other kids his age, and used his size to his advantage. At first it wasn't too bad, he would skip the line at the slide in the playground, or force people off the swings. As things went on, he realized he could use his size and strength to his advantage in many different ways. He had some of the smarter kids do his homework (under threat of a beating), and later on he started to steal lunches and money from the other kids at school.

There were a few times when some of the kids would complain and say that is was not fair that Wally was taking advantage of them, but Wally always seemed to find out and an appropriate threat was made to silence the criticism. Eventually Wally realized that he might need some of these people as friends and couldn't make too many enemies.

So, he came up with a great plan. He stole lunches from many of the kids at school, then he would pick through them and sell the good stuff to other kids. He would sell cheap too, much cheaper than the cafeteria or the vending machines at the school. After a while he had kids lining up to try and get the great stuff that Wally was selling for cheap. Things got especially busy after Halloween and before Christmas, when parents would pack really good lunches.

One time near Christmas, Wally had told the kids to meet him behind the school because he was going to be selling some stuff for really cheap, he told them the prices and many of the kids saved up because these prices would be tough to beat.

Wally had one of his cronies (Marty) "manage" the line, making sure that people were relatively orderly. When Wally showed up, he had some really good stuff and people started to get excited and tried to push Marty out of the way so that they could be the first one in line. Things got out of hand as many of the kids were mad, because people were cutting in line and so the pushing got more and more serious. Eventually Marty could hold them back no longer and he was pushed down and the kids rushed madly towards Wally trying to be the first to get a cheap candy bar.

Unfortunately, Marty was trampled to death in this ridiculous situation. His family was horrified and of all things Wally was the first to attempt to comfort the family. The comforting seemed hollow however, since Wally still sold his wares to the same kids who trampled Marty at second recess.

Wouldn't it be horrible if something like this actually happened?


Candice said...

The fact that a man lost his life because people wanted to be first in on a sale is pathetic. Pathetic. And disturbing.


The one-liner that really stirs me about Wal-Marts statement: "Our thoughts and *prayers* are with the family."

They better be serious, because you just don't throw that verb around.

Outgoing... said...

so how come Wally doesn't get a spanking and one that really hurts

Tiffany said...

It's horrible, and it's even more horrible that it doesn't surprise me. People are so obsessed with the consumer aspect at Christmas time. It's disturbing that getting a sale has somehow become more valuable than common courtesy to other shoppers, and now the life of this man.

roverT said...

It is truly pathetic! Somehow people have really lost their sense.

Wally has been spanked a lot, but is so strong it doesn't really hurt any more.