Ben is a Good Spellr

Our oldest son, Ben (Grade 2) has been doing spelling tests every Friday for the past few months. He is really great at spelling and always gets 6 out of 6, or at worst 5 out of 6. It is fun to see him do so well at it. His teacher always gives the class 5 words that are 2 to 4 letters long and then the 6th word is a longer word like "surprise" or "spectacular."

One Friday Ben came home without his test, so we asked him how he did, he said he got 5 out of 6. Nicky said, "that's great!" and asked which one he got wrong, "did you mess up on beautiful?" "Nope," he says, "I spelled 'us' wrong." " did you spell it?" "I spelled it a-s-s."

True story.