Am I Growing Up?

I was thinking back a bit on my life...there are many things that I regret, many things I wish would change.  I think about deep things, really crucial things to the survival of my family and my own well-being.  Things like, growing a beard, or driving fast, or watching football, or eating more than I should.  

You see I used to grow a beard more or less by accident.  I never shaved more than once a week, and I can pretty much grow a beard in that amount of time.  So, sometimes I would shave, and sometimes I would trim.  Now I shave probably on average about 2-3 times per week, and try to appear somewhat put together on occasion. 

I used to drive fast and win any race I was having at any cost (sometimes the cost was quite high).  The other day I was driving next to Nicky and I pulled out to pass her, got to 10 over the speed limit and slowed down because I was worried I might get a ticket.  I feel a bit Granny about that.

I used to watch NFL Football on TV no matter what else was going on.  Today we had company for lunch and I missed the first half of one game and then hung out with my kids and missed a bunch of another...and this is the conference finals!

I used to eat more than I should and think of it as a competition...oh yeah, I still do that.


Jon K said...

Dude, I also used to drive very fast everywhere I went - I believe you had something to do with that seeing as how you were the one I was most likely racing. I'm pretty certain you didn't win every race.