Entering the Mac World

Mac's are cool, PC's are not.  People who own them are also cooler than those who do not.  You can usually tell who is an owner of a Mac before you even ask them.  They probably meet at least 4 of the following 7 criteria:
  • dress a little more on the granola side of things
  • drink organic coffee
  • drive a diesel jetta and may even run it on veggie oil (or a prius, or perhaps ride a vespa)
  • they probably are involved in some sort of social justice cause
  • politically, they lean to the left
  • they are vegetarian
  • very interested in a wide variety of little known musicians
I probably fit one of the above criteria, and I don't really think of myself as a "cool" person.  However I did decide to purchase a MacBook.  I am very excited to be typing this post on my new laptop right now.

I recently noticed that this series of ads has little to do with the product itself.  Really what these commercials are trying to communicate is, "Mac is cool, PC is not."  This is an attitude I try to teach young people not to have, but now I have bought into it.  I am starting to feel guilty...ooooh, but this thing just works so cool.  I have never had a laptop before, now I have a new MacBook.  Who cares about my own ethics! 


Kris, Mike & Cohen said...

Yes, those ads are certainly more about making Microsoft look ridiculous than they are about making Apple look good. While they are hilariously clever, they are also more like a political smear campaign than an ad campaign.