It's Cold Here in Winnipeg

So I got up yesterday morning and stepped out into the cold. I thought to myself, "boy, it's really cold out here today." I hop in the car and drive to church. My route takes me past the Royal Canadian Mint where they have a screen that shows videos and the time and temperature. I glance at the screen just as the temperature flashes onto the screen. The screen tells me that it is -572 degrees celsius in Winnipeg...I began to be very thankful that my car had started.


Mark said...

Yikes, that is cold. I'm glad my car started too!

T&C said...

WOW! You Winnipeggers are like Oxen!
(Meaning, you're like, tough and stuff.)

Tiffany said...

Hope it's okay, I subscribed to your blog, so keep 'em coming!

Ask Candice how I pester people to keep me entertained.

Anonymous said...

i hate the cold