"My" Youth

I have been a youth pastor at Winnipeg Evangelical Free Church now for nearly 5 years.  This means a few things, but one of the things it means to me is that the people who were in Grade 7 (the grade our churches youth ministry starts at) when I came to this Church are now in Grade 12, the poor kids have only had me as a youth pastor.  Apart from feeling sorry for them, I also have a sense of "fatherly(ish?)" pride in who they are as people.  

There are ups and downs in being a youth pastor, the ups come when I get to see young people making good choices in their life, the downs come when I see them making choices that have long-lasting negative impacts on their lives.  There are many of each of these.

A couple weeks ago was a big up...the youth were in charge of the whole service at our church.  This meant that they ran everything from ushering, to speaking, to singing, to sound and tech stuff.  I know that these young people are talented passionate people, but it really gave me a sense of pride to have other people see it as well.  I am so proud to see the people they have become...I know that I am a very small part in making that happen...but I am proud nonetheless that they are so great in spite of my weaknesses.