Brett Favre Rookie Card


3 years ago Ben received a prize from his preschool teacher. It was a small bag full of a number of little things. There were little toys and trinkets, but the thing that immediately caught my attention was an unopened pack of Score Football Cards from 1991. I couldn't figure out why the pre-school teacher would be giving these unopened packages of football cards away. I cracked them open to see what was inside, it was a collection mainly of unknown (to me) football players.

There was one that caught my attention, it was a Brett Favre rookie card. One of the best quarterbacks to ever play the game! I couldn't believe it. Ben took the other cards and played with them and eventually they were all worn out and in the garbage. But I took Brett Favre and placed him on my bedside table thinking I might have my children's college fund right there.

Brett sat there and sat there, through the time I spilled a cup of water all over my bedside table, shoved under whatever I happened to put on this table. It collected much dust, and a few minor nicks and bends. A few weeks ago I didn't have a bookmark and stuck Brett into my book. Now I use him all the time in this way, I am sure Brett "college fund" Favre really enjoys being used as a bookmark.

So I thought I would advertise here, anyone want a Brett Favre rookie card? Mint...ish condition. I just discovered that there is one on eBay being sold for $5...probably not in as good condition as the one I have. I'll take the first $1000 offer.