You Know You are as Old as Trevor When...

  1. After shaving you go to wipe shaving cream from your hair near the temples and it doesn't come off, because it is grey hair
  2. You remember life before computers
  3. The computers you first used were measured in kilobytes (Commodore Vic 20)
  4. You used to actually "dial" the phone
  5. You played Pong when it first came out
  6. You love 80s music
  7. You used to be able to beat teenagers at most sports, and now you have to cheat to do it
  8. You know you are not cool...and you really don't care (in fact you embrace your lack of coolness with bad jokes and purposefully wearing "bad clothes")
  9. 5 years seems like a short period of time
  10. Your sports heroes who you are sure just came into the league are retiring
  11. You are turning 35 today


Tiffany said...

Happy Birthday!!

Candice said...

Happy birthday Trevor!!

phil said...

commidor vic 20 had the best winter olympics gave ever.

roverT said...

thanks for the birthday wishes.

i played that winter olympics game so many times! I also found a Commodore 64 emmulator for my pc and was able to play it again recently...still better then any game I know of.