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I am currently wearing what Nicky lovingly refers to as my panty hose, or support hose. A few months ago I was at my Dr. and she noticed my varicose veins on my leg. I told her I have had them for years. She decided to refer me to a specialist. When I went to see this specialist he prescribed support stocking for my left leg. I am starting to develop ulcers on my leg and because I am young I am getting away with it, but I won’t forever. I am supposed to wear them every day now.

On my way home I stopped in the place that he recommended for me, it was a prosthetics and orthotics store. I walked in and immediately felt out of place, there were a couple old ladies getting walkers fixed, there were a bunch of old man scooter’s lined up and a whole bunch of other things that I identify with old age...canes, walkers, blue hair and of course...support hose.

I got fitted for my hose and she told me that I would need to get a custom-made one. For the records she asked me how old I was, my response was, "too young to have a compression stocking!" Well, she measured me up and I was on my way home.

I got in the car and phoned Nicky, when I told her that I would need to have my compression stocking custom made, she replied, "what? can't you go to the big and tall girl store?" Sometimes she knows just what to say to make me feel better about myself.

A few weeks later I got a call saying that my stocking was in. As you can imagine, I was filled with excitement at the wonderful news. I went to get it and try it on. The stocking fitter girl (is that really a profession?) helped me put it on and told me some things about maintaining it etc. I have to wear a little silk sock and these fancy grippy rubber gloves while putting it on so that they don't tear. At this point I am feeling sorry for myself and concerned that this support hose will somehow affect my manliness.

To reassure me she told me that some men have trouble with the hose staying up because it slides on their leg hair. In the end my stocking fitter girl did make me feel better by stating these wonderful words:

"...but you won't have a problem with this (hose staying up) because you have muscular thighs."

She's right...I don't have that problem.


Jamie Arpin-Ricci said...

After a thoroughly stressful week, this story brought a much needed smile. Thanks for be willing to share it!


Anonymous said...
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Nathan said...

That's really special there Trev. Thanks for letting me know all about you! I don't suppose shaving your legs would help if your pantyhose ever did start to slip... :)