House Fire!

7 days ago would have found Nicky, myself, Ben, Hannah and Owen hardly able to comprehend how good we felt we had it. That was the day we took possession of our home. It was very exciting for us because it was a "country home" that we couldn't wait to have people come and enjoy with us.

As I write this it is now 24 hours from the time when I noticed a sound in the attached garage, going to investigate I noticed smoke coming in under the door to the garage, as I got closer I could hear the roar of fire. I quickly yelled to Nicky that we needed to get the kids and call 911, "THERE'S A FIRE!" After we woke the kids and herded them to the door we emerged from the front of the house to see the flames pouring from the front of the garage 20 feet long and 30 feet high, completely engulfing the car in parked in front of it. We called 911 as we expected to watch the whole house burn.

Neighbours came over and we were introduced to them for the first time as they invited us to stay in their home for as long as we needed! The firefighters arrived quickly and were actually able to put the fire out before it spread too far. There was a fire in the attic and the garage is almost completely gone. There is smoke and water damage throughout the house, as well as all the damage the firefighters did as they valiantly fought the fire.

We have never been more thankful for our family and for how safe we were. We love each other very much! We have over and over again recognized that we have all we need when we have our family even if we have nothing else. We have also been overwhelmed with support from our families and friends, we are so unworthy of your support, but thank you for it! We are all completely fine and we are looking forward to rebuilding our home.

You can pray for a speedy, smooth process with the insurance company, and you can thank God for protecting us in all this!

Trevor (on behalf of all of us)


Q&L said...

good to hear you guys are all safe, We are definitely praying for a smooth process and happy you guys are all ok! - Lyla & Quinn

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness. "Thank you Jesus for protecting this family". We are praying for you.

Jamie Arpin-Ricci said...

Glad everyone is ok. Let us know if we can do anything.